Trax Open Face Helmet Wiring Kit

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This helmet wiring kit was designed by PCI for open face helmets. Standard helmet wiring kits don't have a far enough reach for the microphone to reach your lips. This install difficulty level is medium, so it can be installed at home, but if you aren't comfortable with all the parts and pieces for the boom that mounts outside the helmet, send it in to the pros and we will custom wire your helmet for you.
  • New Trax HFI Speakers
  • Half Flex Boom specially designed for Open Face Helmets
  • Do it yourself kit to wire your own helmets
  • Difficulty level - medium
  • Trax Stereo 5 pin water resistant H2n0 plug
  • Works with Trax Stereo Intercom system, will not work with 4 Link Pro Intercom Systems

Superseded Part #'s 2548

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