PCI Race Radios is a Lowrance Authorized Distributor. Why buy a Lowrance GPS from PCI? We hands down have the best service and support in the industry. Our knowledge of GPS Navigation in Off Road racing is priceless and we share that info with you. A "Cheat Sheet" is included with every order, we have techincal support and carry more accessories than anyone else. Want more info about the different models? Read More

All of our current Lowrance GPS units have an internal antenna built in. If the GPS is mounted with a clear view of the sky, such as a UTV installation using on of our brackets, you most likely wont need an external antenna. If the GPS is buried in the dash, you will most likely need the Point One Baja Antenna. The "Baja" version of a specific GPS model means it includes that antenna, otherwise it is sold separately. The Elite 5 TI does not have external antenna capability, so make sure it will be mounted on top of a dash or using one of our handy GPS Brackets.

All of these new touch screen models are awesome. Making notes, navigating through menus and the pinch-to-zoom feature are very user friendly. Check out our touch screen gloves to make it even easier!

The "Elite Ti" series is a more affordable version of the "HDS Live". They have less buttons on the side, which can be handy for using while driving, there is no video input and the HDS Live  has an amazing screen resolution and bright backlight for ideal viewing in sunlight.