Thin Roof Hole Mount Coax

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This high-quality stranded coax uses a 3/4" hole and can be mounted to any thin roof or tab. When routing your coax cable, keep it away from any ignition systems, computers, and headset cables.

DO NOT coil any excess coax, this will choke your signal and may cause damage to your radio. You can order a custom length coax exactly to your specifications. To order a shorter coax, click here.
  • 17ft Length
  • PL259 Installed
  • DO NOT Coil Excess
  • Route away from other cables and electronics
  • Inspect your coax for pinch spots and kinks
  • Cable Length: 17ft
  • Cable Type RG-58A/U
  • RF Connector: UHF Male
  • Frequency Range: 0-1000 MHz
  • Thread Size: 1-1/8-18
  • Warranty: 5 Years

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