Impact 16.5 PRO Series Latch & Link 5 Point SFI 16.5 Restraint

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PRO Series 2inch x 2inch Latch & Link Restraints: Individual Shoulders, Latch & Link Buckle, SFI 16.5. Includes: QSR Adjusters, Bolt-In Ends and Three-Bar for Wrap.


The lap adjusters on both sides and Impact Racing’s QSR shoulder adjusters accommodate a wide variety of competitors to facilitate quick driver changes common in off-road and endurance road racing competition. The more stringent SFI 16.5 specification makes them legal for competition in most sanctioning bodies the world over.

  • Pull Down Lap and Shoulder Belts
  • 5 Point harness system
  • Bolt In Hardware preassembled at all 5 points
  • Latch and Link
  • SFI 16.5
  • Black

    Seatbelts, Sat Belts



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