Filter for RaceAir Max, Flow and Lite

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You change your oil filter and your intake filter, you also need to change your RaceAir Filter!

The RaceAir replacement filter stops dirt and fine dust while allowing a consistent airflow of clean fresh air. Your race air filter is an often overlooked, essential component to your racing program. Make sure to have clean fresh air throughout your race with our washable replacement filter.

To clean your filter use an air compressor to blow out the dirt and dust from the inside -> outside. Rinse with warm water again keeping the flow going from the inside -> outside of the filter element. Shake off excess water and let it dry thoroughly before reinstalling. We recommend cleaning the filter after every dirt outing and replacing the filter every season.

*Always use your RaceAir filters with the RaceAir Aluminum Bonnet
  • Wash and thoroughly dry after each use
  • Change the filter every season
  • Easy to change filter with top wing nut
  • It is a good idea to keep a spare filter ready to use¬†keywords: parker pumper air pump¬†air pumper parker pumpers

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