1 Layer PCI Custom Driving Suit - SFI 3.2A/1

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A Single Layer SFI 3.2A/1 driving suit will get you through tech at some sanctioning bodies, but PCI recommends and sanctioning bodies like BITD require a Two Layer SFI 3.2A/5 driving suit. Our two layer suit with a 22.6 TPP rating could theoretically give you five more seconds to get out of the vehicle before a second degree burn occurs!

Standard 1 Layer Suit:

  • 295 GSM FR Cotton
  • TPP Rating 10
  • Material Colors: Blue, Purple, Red, Black, Graphite, Grey, Light Grey, White, Pink, Orange, Yellow.

Premium 1 Layer Suit: (+$100)

  • 240 GSM FR Breathable Cotton
  • TPP Rating 8.26
  • Breathable FR Cotton material only available in Black, White and Grey. Standard 1 layer suit colors may be used as accent color options, but it will be the heavier material.

*GSM = Grams per square meter. This refers to the weight of the suit. TPP Rating - Divide this number by 2 to determine the number of seconds before a second degree burn occurs.

All 1 Layer Custom Suits:

  • Unlimited Embroidery
  • Custom Sizing
  • 360 Arm Gussets
  • Lower Back and Crotch Stretch Panels
  • Add Side Stretch Panels for +$50
  • Stitching to match the design of the suit
  • Boot Cut legs
  • Add a passport pocket for +$25
  • Complimentary sample of Molecule suit wash
  • All suits a special order and have a 8-10 week lead time AFTER final artwork approval

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