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Use one of our Mobile Adapter Cables to connect your mobile radio to an intercom or car harness in a pinch. These adapters take the place of a "Race Modification" allowing the radio and intercom the communicate back and forth.

Use these adapters for radios we don't necessarily sell to be compatible with an intercom system. 

5208- Kenwood TK-7360, TM Series Radios, TM-281 P0490

5206- Icom Mobile Radios F5021, F121 P0486

5203 - Kenwood TK-750 P0476

5200- Kenwood 5-pin race modified radios, Roadmaster, P0468

5205- Motorola 2-pin radios, P0484

5202- Vertex VX3000, VX2000 with RJ45, P0470

5207- Vertex VX3200. P0487

5210- Vertex VX2200, NX4200. P0494

5209- Yaesu FT Series Radios, P0492

5212- TYT TH-9000D, Rugged RM60, Rugged RDM, P0490TH

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