King of the Hammers Lowrance Map

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Add Satellite imagery (1m/px), Points of interest, over 35 trails, local roads & highways to your Lowrance HDS or Elite for the Johnson Valley, California area.

  • 4GB Micro SD Card with SD adapter
  • Files are encrypted and cannot be copied, one map card per GPS

Trails on the card:

  • Aftershock
  • Backdoor
  • Bender Alley (Lower)
  • Bender Alley (Upper)
  • Big Johnson (Lower)
  • Big Johnson (Upper)
  • Bloody Mary
  • Boulderdash
  • Chocolate Thunder
  • Clawhammer
  • Elvis
  • Fissure Mountain
  • Full of Hate
  • Full of Love
  • Gatekeeper (Project)
  • Highway 19
  • Highway 20
  • Jack North
  • Jackhammer
  • Misery Mile
  • Moonshine
  • Nightmare
  • Outer Limits
  • Resolution
  • Scooby Snack
  • Short Bus
  • Sledgehammer
  • Sledgehammer (Upper)
  • Sledgehammer Exit
  • Sledhammer (Upper)
  • Spooners
  • Stickies on Sixties
  • Sunbonnet Pass
  • Tack Hammer
  • Turkey Claw
  • Wrecking Ball


  • Insert the card and if asked "Do you wish to change chart data selection to view inserted charts" Select yes.
  • To change your GPS settings to show the satellite imagery on the HDS Live, Press Menu, Select¬†More Options, Select Chart Options, Select Chart Detail, select Full. Select Photo Overlay and Select Full.
  • When you change the map to be the satellite imagery - it is only reading that map. Your normal background mapping is not visible, only the area with the satellite imagery. To¬†switch in between the two on the HDS Live, Press Menu, Select More Options, Select Chart Source. "C-MAP US..." is the factory map, "Lowrance" is usually the satellite imagery map.¬†

Click here for downloadable instructions

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