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The Comlink RTX is an all-in-one intercom and two-way radio. Designed and manufactured by PCI Race Radios for Polaris, this simple device allows for in car communication while listening to music and two-way radio to talk to other cars.
  • Automatic VOX Digital Squelch auto adjusts music volume to easily communicate.
  • Push-to-talk button for car-to-car communications.
  • Two Person Intercom with built in two-way radio.
  • No FCC license required to communicate with other MURS/RTX VHF radios.
  • Pre-Programmed with 5 MURS/RTX channels, cannot be reprogrammed to other channels.
  • Easily connect your phone or MP3 player to receive calls or listen to music.
  • Water-resistant faceplate.
  • Mounting Bracket Sold Separately.
  • Will not transmit/receive to business band two-way radios.
  • Comlink RTX All in One Intercom and VHF MURS radio
  • BNC Coax cable and antenna
  • One Velcro push-to-talk Button
  • Two 12ft headset/helmet cables
  • Music/Phone adapter

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