Skratch Hydration and Energy

Skratch is a product our mountain biking crew came across and fell in love with. As desert racers ourselves, we understand the importance of hydration whether you're headed to the Baja Beach Bash, Iron-manning the Baja 1000 or piloting a vehicle at a Lucas Oil Race. Sweat, heat, physically demanding conditions and cumbersome safety gear we wear during races takes it out of us. Water is simply not enough to replenish the electrolytes you lose when you sweat. Drinking too much water when you're sweating and not replacing lost electrolytes can actually cause even more nausea, headache, confusion and fatigue. 

Hydrate before (like two weeks before!) your races. Replace lost electrolytes during the race using the Sports Hydration Mix and always have some of the Wellness Hydration Mix on hand for serious dehydration due to heat, illness or too many margaritas. Check out each option for more details about how and when to use it.

Don't forget about nutrition when you're racing. The Fruit Drop Energy Chews use simple ingredients to get you energy quickly and make an easy source of carbohydrates to maintain blood sugar and performance during prolonged races and exercise. These chews taste great, aren't coated in wax like other chews and are easy to keep in chase trucks, camelbaks and race trucks.

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