Weatherman Speaks - 2021 Baja 1000

How to reach Weatherman at the 2021 SCORE Baja 1000 peninsula run

 The PCI Race Radios Weatherman Relay offers great VHF radio coverage of the Northern part of the Baja 1000. Perched atop San Pedro Matir at 10,000’, this relay point usually loses range with the race course just below Cocos Corner. At past peninsula runs, SCORE and PCI have worked together to fly an airplane for radio relay coverage at 25,000’ in slow circles for almost 40 hours. The upside was we had VHF coverage of most of the peninsula, the downsides were that we had to fuel every 6 hours leaving multiple two-hour lapses in coverage and it was high risk for the crew to fly hundreds of miles without lighted airports.

 On top of our lapses in coverage and dangerous flying environments, we have recently lost the assistance in keeping the Mexican airports (normally closed after dark) open 24 hours for fueling. With these factors and the increased use of satellite two-way radios by race teams, PCI and SCORE have decided that airplane coverage is a poor choice in comparison to satellite communications.

 If you are attending the Baja 1000, I am asking you to carry Sat Phone capable of calling or texting PCI Weatherman Relay. I ask that every Race car and every chase truck carry a Sat phone capable of dialing the PCI Weatherman at 1-562-279-0700. Don’t try to figure out how to use it during an emergency, print a sticker with the phone #, attach it to the phone and test a text or phone call before you leave home.

 Please text for anything having to do with status or non emergencies. Please only call in an emergency. We will have support available in English and Spanish.

 If you have cell service, you can call us or text us. If you have cell service, you can also monitor the Weatherman broadcast that will be live on our website. If you have a PCI Satcomm G2/MSAT, make sure your devices are set up to dial/telephone call us.

 Satellite Phone Store has helped PCI create the Iridium Baja 1000 Weatherman Talk Group on the Iridium Satellite PTT network. Anyone with Iridium PTT or an Icom Sat device can add this medium talk group to their account for the Baja 1000 (11/19-11/30) for only $125. To get added to that talk group, contact Satellite Phone Store. Icom Sat 100 Radios are not capable of calling a land line so I recommend adding the Weatherman public talk group or bringing an additional Sat Phone in the car/on the bike. PCI Race Radios offers the Satcomm Satellite Two-Way Radio and the Icom Sat 100.

 If you need help with Sat Phone rentals, check out:

 The Baja 1000 isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s just as treacherous on the highway as it in the race car and you are hours and possibly days away from help. Keep that in mind when prerunning, racing and chasing. A must read for everyone crossing the border is “WHAT ABOUT YOU?” by Bob Bower. A peninsula run Baja 1000 isn’t for race teams with a one man pit crew. If you don’t have experienced support, get involved with a pit crew that can support you or stay home. It’s blunt, but I want all of you to get to La Paz safely.

 One of our biggest helpers in Baja is the BFG Radio Relay and BFG Pit support crew. If you are short on help, BFG is your answer for pits and fuel. Their pit and radio support is top notch. I run BFG tires on my vehicles and they are the winningest tire in the history of Baja. For everyone else there is support from amazing crews like Baja Pits and Mag 7. In dire emergencies if your sat phone device is not able to reach me, contact BFG Relay on 151.715 and they will relay to me. BFG Relay will be available for any and all teams for emergency call ins. Please do not call in and tie up the airways for vehicles location updates or times.

 This year will look a little different with a team from PCI stateside to triage calls and working with SCORE ops in Ensenada and La Paz via VOIP and Satellite communications. Please be prepared and understand you will not have Weatherman VHF communications South of Cocos Corner. Most teams will still monitor Weatherman, so if you didn’t heed my above advice, Weatherman frequency is still a good place to call for help in hopes someone on the frequency has satellite communications. BFG Relay will also be a good option as they will have communications with me.

 Weatherman Relay Etiquette applies to VHF and Satellite communications, please make sure your entire team reads this page before using a radio or sat phone to contact us.

 I wish you all a safe and fun Baja 1000 and I hope I don’t hear from you during the race. 😊

 Thank you from the Weatherman,

 Scott Steinberger

 To Call Weatherman from:

  • A US Cell phone while in Mexico – press and hold 0 until + appears, then dial 1-562-279-0700
  • A Mexico Cell phone while in Mexico – 001-562-279-0700
  • A Sat Phone while in Mexico – press and hold 0 until + appears, then 1-562-279-0700
  • From Satcomm/MSAT 1-562-279-0700

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