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Baja Racing Gear loves to support as many racers as possible. Unfortunately we can't help everyone. This is where you come in.

We are assisting legitimate racers in finding sponsors. Not big companies that may only offer product discounts to them, but everyday folks like you. We want you to sponsor these riders. 

Racing cost a lot of money. Race fuel, chase vehicle fuel, taco's, hotels, vehicle maintenance, safety equipment, race fees, pit fees, the list is endless. The racers that we are asking you to support are regular people, working regular jobs. These are not professional athletes drawing salaries or huge sponsorship money from companies like Polaris, Monster, etc. These racers dig deep and work hard for their money and sometimes it is a struggle.

100% of the money you sponsor goes to the racer. Baja Racing Gear covers the cost of collecting these funds.

Please consider becoming a race sponsor today.

Thank You


Baja Racing Gear.


The following are racers that can use your help. You can click on there name to find out about them and consider becoming a sponsor.


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