Bluetooth Music Intercoms

What is the difference in our Bluetooth Elite Intercoms and our Bluetooth Helmet or Headset packages?

PCI Bluetooth Elite Intercom Upgrade is a proprietary intercom chip that allows you to wirelessly connect your Bluetooth capable cell phone or music device. Our intercom Bluetooth allows you to talk out on your cell phone, not just receive music signals.

To pair your device with your Bluetooth Intercom, hold the blue button for 3 seconds. The Blue light should be off. Set your phone or device to discover mode. Hold the blue button for 10 seconds until the Blue LED starts to blink fast. Your music device will find "PCI INT." If it asks for a password, it is 0000. Push Join. The Blue LED should be blinking slowly, letting you know that you are successfully connected to your device.

When you receive an incoming call, press the blue button to answer the call. To skip to the next song while playing music, press the blue button. Range on a standard install in the dash is around 10' (within the vehicle).

PCI Bluetooth Elite Intercoms connect you to your music device and cell phone. Separate from this technology and device, PCI also has wireless Bluetooth helmet and headset technology. Those devices have a receiver (at the helmet or headset side) and a transmitter with an antenna that is connected to the intercom. This antenna allows you to communicate just like you are plugged into the intercom, with full duplex sound and a Two-Way Radio PTT on the side of the helmet or headset at over 300 feet away from the vehicle! Click here for more information on our Bluetooth Helmet and Headset systems.

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