Lowrance Gen 3 Wi-Fi

Ever been in the back seat and wished you could see the GPS? Want to type up waypoints in the GPS but work from a keyboard in your lap vs GPS on the dash out of arms reach?

The Lowrance HDS Gen 3 has wifi connection capability to you phone or tablet. Your phone will show the image on the screen - a tablet like an ipad will allow full control of the screen in addition to the image.

Download the Go Free app on your tablet or phone. You can connect multiple devices at the same time. 

To connect, we've created this helpful list of instructions:

  1. Download the Go Free app on your tablet or phone.
  2. On your HDS Gen 3, select Pages > Settings > (Scroll down to) Wireless > Wireless Devices. A pop up will appear showing the "name" of the GPS unit. Example:  HDS-9 Gen3 120e. 
  3. Select the GPS Name (the grey area). Another screen will open with more information, find the Network Key.
  4. On your mobile device, open wi-fi connections. Select your GPS from the list of devices. The password is the Network key from step #2.
  5. Open the Lowrance Go Free App on your Mobile Device. Select your GPS.
  6. The GPS will ask you to allow access, select yes.


Now both your mobile device and GPS are synced.  You can connect additional devices. Keep in mind the phone app will show the screen only, the tablet will have full control.

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