Trax Stereo OTH Headset

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*Wired for Trax Stereo Intercom Systems. This is a 5 conductor, gray plug. If you have a mono intercom like the 4 Link Pro - choose this headset here instead.*

This is our Over-the-Head "Prerunner" headset with Trax wiring. PCI's high-quality headsets are comfortable, easy to adjust, provide loud and clear sound and extra bass for an increased music experience.


- Adjustable mechanical microphone boom
- Cloth ear covers and gel ear seals included
- Hi-Fidelity speakers
- Noise canceling microphone
- Carbon Fiber
- Built in 3ft coil cord
- H2NO water resistant plug compatible with Trax intercom cables
- 1.40 lbs

*Only works with Trax Stereo intercom, will not work with Elite 4 Link Pro Intercom Systems

    Superseded Part #'s 2543

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