Trax Plus Marine Supreme 4

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Extreme Offshore Power Boat, 4 seat intercom system with true stereo music quality in the headsets. 

What comes in the box:

  • TRAX Plus Stereo Bluetooth¬†Intercom with Bluetooth and DSP¬†with one 9ft, one 12ft, one 18ft, and one 22ft Trax intercom cable. (3ft, 6ft, 16ft and 30ft also available).
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) electronically removes all noise from the intercom system except your voice. Simple, one touch operation on the face of the intercom allows you to turn on DSP when you need it, and turn it off when you don't.
  • Bluetooth with Volume Control - Pair your Cell phone or Bluetooth capable music device¬†player for wireless music and phone calls.¬† Listen to your music without connecting any wires or have a cell phone conversation without ever connecting your phone to your intercom system. Great for hands free driving! Simple, one touch operation on the face of the intercom allows you to play or pause while music is playing, or answer incoming phone calls!¬†Now with pause, play, and skip controls!
  • TRAX Stereo Headsets. Four Full Stereo, High Quality, Carbon Fiber, Behind the Head style Headsets with built in coil cord. Featuring new Full Range, HFI¬†Speakers, Gel Ear Seals, Cloth ear covers and an Extreme Foam Mic Sock.¬†
  • 4 Headset Bag. Designed to fit four¬†headsets, this durable bag keeps your equipment safe and clean.¬†Complete with foam padded sides, an accessory pouch for storing accessories, Velcro adjustable padded dividers, and heavy-duty zippers.¬†
  • Music/Phone Audio Input Cable and ground isolator. 6ft cable allowing you to input music into your intercom or voice conversation from a phone or music device.¬†Included Ground Isolator if you want to charge your music device from the vehicle during audio input into your intercom system. Phone/Audio chargers can introduce power noise into your intercom system, this ground isolator can eliminate the issues.
  • Trax Flush Mount Plates.¬†Flush Mount your cables into your dash with four easy to install plates.
  • Trax Jack Covers. Keep the system clean¬†and dry when headsets are not plugged in.

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