PCI Elite Wired HJC HX10 III Helmet with RaceAir

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  • SNELL SA 2015
  • Carbon Fiber Composite Weave Shell: Extremely lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.
  • PCI Custom Wired. Large, high watt speakers, H2NO water resistant Pigtail and Ear Jack plug.
  • PCI RaceAir Modified with channeled air vents for superior ventilation.
  • Add Challenger II or Semi Custom Ear Pieces with Speakers.
  • Includes our standard, low noise, low gain microphone. Upgrade to the Gentex Microphone for $125.
  • Optional Upgrade to Noise attenuating Ear Cups. We custom wire the speakers inside of the ear cups. We've had great reviews about the ear cups. It's a tight squeeze to get the helmet on, but the noise cancellation is worth it and it's a comfortable fit once it's on your head!
  • Optional Hydration System Upgrade.
  • Velcro installed for Helmet Skirt (sold separately)
  • Polycarbonate Anti-fog Shield with Tear-off Posts
  • Pre-installed M6 terminal for head and neck restraints
  • Helmet Weight: 3.55 lbs Wired with Race Air.