BRG Overland Communications Package

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 Package includes 

  • BRG8 Radio
  • Mag mount OR Hole mount 
  • Coax 
  • Coax adapter  
  • Dual band OR VHF Antenna

Getting to use your handheld radio to its fullest extent can really mean life or death when out in the trials. When you are put into a position with no cell service and the only person to contact is miles away, numerous trees obstructing your signal a handheld by itself might not be able to reach out to the other radio. With this kit you will give your handheld the help it needs to reach out and touch longer distances with an external antenna. Whether you want a mag mount or a hole mount for your build we have it.  

 Give yourself as much advantage as possible when out on the trails. 

The antenna will come disassembled, you need to put the whip into the base, there are two Allen screws to undo, (Allen key included) you want to make sure the antenna goes past the first screw, you can make sure the antenna is making contact with the base through the lower screw hole. Ensure the rubber gasket on the antenna stays on when connecting to the base to ensure no dirt/water protrudes. 

When running the antenna coax, it is important to make sure there is no pinching of the coax nor any winding of the coax. Ensure it is all straight and not bunched together since it will interfere with transmissions and receiving them as well. It is also a good practice to ensure the coax is not ran next to any wires that power anything since the electricity of the wires will again interfere with transmissions and receiving them as well.

When it comes to choosing the Antenna keep in mind our Radio is programmed with VHF channels, our radio is compatible with VHF and UHF (DualBand)  if you plan on programming your own UHF frequencies into your radio we recommend choosing the DualBand Antenna.  

For a hole mount antenna you will need your own bracket for mounting options. none are included. For best results mount the antenna as high as you can. 

Grab one of our Mob Armor Radio Holders as well to keep your radio from flopping around everywhere.


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