Impact Accel Frontal Head Restraint - discontinued

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The Impact Accel has been discontinued, for our complete line of in stock head and neck restraints - click here

Impact Racing Accel head and neck restraint system offers unparalleled comfort combined with the ultimate in frontal and angular impact protection. The systems are constructed from durable DuPont carbon composite material to withstand the rigors of off-road racing. These lightweight restraints also include helmet hardware, so there's no need to purchase separate FHR posts for your headgear! Impact Racing Accel units are certified to comply with the SFI Foundation's 38.1 specification; they adjust between 10-40 degrees for a variety of uses and weigh less than 2 lbs.

This is a one size fits most system.


  • Manufacturer Certified to Comply with the SFI Foundation's 38.1 Specification.
  • Adjusts Between 10-40 Degrees for a Variety of Uses.
  • Weighs Less than 2 Pounds (1.8 Pounds or 816.5 Grams).
  • Body Forming Shoulder Pads offer Unparalleled Comfort.
  • Offers Superior Angular Impact Protection & SFI 38.1 Compliant.
  • Made from Carbon Fiber DuPont® Composite Materials.

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